Mathematika is pioneered to provide a forum for the discussion of creative and innovative ideas in the field of Mathematics. The primary agenda for all the activities of the Club is the promotion of Mathematics on an institutional, local and national level.

The Grand Equation

An equation will be handed out to the teams during the opening ceremony
Each team will have to solve it and
then submit their solutions by the end of the second day.

Buzzer Round

A visual round where 4 teams will be invited to stage
And they will be asked a question.

The team that presses the buzzer first will get the chance to answer


In this round, each team would be given a code and a riddle to solve
which would base on the theme of the famous mathemtician ,
Alan Turing and his creation Enigma
The correct solution to the riddle would win the team a decrypting key
and instructions for decryption

This will be used to decrypt the code

Relay Race

One member from each team will start the race.
This member will rush to the first desk,
answer the questions presented to him/her there,
and attain one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that the
team has to complete at the end of the race.

When he/she has attained the piece, he/she will tag a second member of the team who will then rush to the second desk to answer the questions asked,
in order to obtain the second piece of the puzzle. Both members will then go to their team and together they will solve the puzzle.

The players will also be given certain lifelines that will bring diversity to this round and make it more interesting.


Teams will select one topic (out of 5)
and a difficulty level (Easy, Medium or Hard).
Based on their choice, they will be given a question.
If they correctly solve the question,
they will be rewarded with an artificial currency

Rewards Criteria:
100 bucks for easy level
300 bucks for medium level
500 bucks for hard level.


Teams will spend the currency earned in the
previous round to buy objects (with given dimensions)
that will help them in estimating the area of large structures
like buildings, roadside pavement, parking lots, etc.

Treasure Hunt

The teams will be tasked to find
mathematical clues by solving questions and
reaching the destinations associated with the answers to get more questions.

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